A Better Way to Access MORE Mobile Loans & Savings. M-Fanisi is a mobile-based bank account that is available to only Airtel Money and Safaricom registered customers. Through this account, customers will be able to

  • Access loans repayable within 7 days, 14 days and 30 days at attractive one-off facility fees of 3%, 5% and 7.5% respectively with excise duty applicable on the fees.
  • Open a fixed deposit account for a period of 1 to 12 months and earn attractive interest of between 8.50% p.a to 11.25% p.a. depending on period.
  • Open a savings account and earn interest of 7% p.a.
  • Transfer money in and out of the M-Fanisi to Airtel Money for FREE.
M Fanisi
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    The best available communications technology to deliver mobile financial services to customers. Dial *222*3# today.

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M-Fanisi Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements to have an M-Fanisi Account?

Be a registered and active Airtel Money customer.

What are the services that M-Fanisi account offers?
  • Transfer from Airtel Money to M-Fanisi
  • Transfer from M-Fanisi to Airtel Money
  • Make a loan request
  •  Repay loan
  • Open Fixed deposit account
  •  Open Savings account
  • M-Fanisi balance enquiry
  • M-Fanisi mini statement
What are the features of the M-Fanisi Loan?
  • Loan repayment options of 7, 14 and 30 Days
  • Rollover fee equivalent to the loan terms if the customer does not pay within the period.
  • Loan is disbursed directly to the customers Airtel Money account
What are the interest rates on loans?

M-Fanisi loans do not attract interest charge, just a facility fee:

  • 3.3% for 7 day loan inclusive of excise duty.
  • 5.5% for 14 day loan inclusive of excise duty.
  • 8.25% for 30 day loan inclusive of excise duty.
How do I check my loan limit?
  • Dial *222#
  • Select Loans
  • Select check loan limit
How do I get a loan from M-Fanisi Account?
  • Select Loans
  • Select Request loan
  • Enter amount and select period
  • Enter your Airtel Money PIN
  •  Loan amount will be sent into your Airtel Money Account
How do I pay my M-Fanisi Loan?
  • Select Loans
  • Select Pay Loan.
  • You can pay from Airtel Money or from your M-Fanisi account
I cannot access an M-Fanisi loan. What are some of the reasons for this?
  • You have been listed with the Credit Reference Bureau.
  • You already have an existing M-Fanisi loan
  • You have a low credit rating
How do I grow my loan limit?
  • Increase usage of Airtel Money services
  •  Increase activity on your M-Fanisi Account by moving money in and out of your Account
  • Increase savings on your M-Fanisi Account.
What are the M-Fanisi Deposit and Savings Account features?
  • No minimum balance
  • No charges levied on the account
  •  Interest of up to 11.25% p.a for fixed deposit
  • Interest of 2% p.a for transaction account and 7% p.a for savings account.
  • Transfer to and from Airtel Money id free of charge
How do I open a fixed deposit /Savings account?

From the main menu Select Savings
For Fixed deposit
Select Fixed Deposit
To view interest rates on Fixed Deposit
Select Interest rates table
To open fixed deposit Account
Select Open Fixed deposit
Enter amount and select period
Enter your Airtel Money PIN
Confirm Fixed Account details
For Savings accounts.
Select Savings
Select Deposit and Source of Money
Enter amount
Enter your Airtel Money PIN
Confirm deposit details
You will receive a confirmation message.

What is the minimum amount that one can deposit from Airtel Money?

Minimum is Ksh.1

How do I deposit or withdraw money into or out of the M-Fanisi Account?

Money in and out of the M-Fanisi Account is ONLY available through Airtel Money
 To deposit from Airtel Money
 Dial *222#
 Select Airtel Money to M-Fanisi
 To withdraw to Airtel Money
 Dial *222#
 Select M-Fanisi to Airtel Money

How do I check my account balance?
  • Dial *222#
  • Select My Account
  • Select Check balance
  • Enter airtel Money PIN
  • Select the account
If you have Multiple Airtel Money accounts can, you have Multiple M-Fanisi accounts
  • Yes, it is possible to activate more than one M-Fanisi account. Each M-Fanisi account is linked to a mobile number. However, if you want another M-Fanisi loan on another Airtel Money line you will be required to first pay the outstanding loan on the Airtel Money account from which you borrowed.
How much is the roll over fee if customer fails to repay loan?
  • No roll over fees is charged, instead outstanding loan balance will be rolled over for a period of equivalent to the current loan.
Can you have more than one loan at a time?
  • No. You have to repay your outstanding loan first before you can borrow another loan.
Can I borrow any amount within the limits?
  • Yes. You can borrow any amount within your limit.
Is there an option to make partial re-payment of loans?
  • Yes, when repayments are made within loan due dates. To make partial payments select Repay loan then choose where you want to repay from either from M-Fanisi or Airtel Money the amount to be repaid.
If my loan is due in 7 days, but I repay on day 4 or earlier than 7 days, will I be able to borrow another loan immediately?
  • Upon repayment of loan in full, customers are eligible to borrow immediately
In excess payment, is the amount carried forward to my next repayment or returned back to my account.
  • Any excess payments made by customer are refunded.