Mission & Vision

The demand for financial services among the economically active entrepreneurs to finance economic activities is expanding rapidly. Maisha MF Bank will continue to offer finance services to these entrepreneurs in order to expand their economic possibilities.
Maisha MF Bank sees itself as an institution established to be a leader in the financial services and an institution of choice for all. Its mission is therefore to support the aspiration of the economically active members of the society while achieving reasonable return to the shareholders and unrivalled career progression for its staff.


Empowering enterprises and communities for life.


Maisha Microfinance Bank exists to positively transform enterprises and communities through provision of quality products and services that are responsive to their financial needs.

Core Values

  • Customer Focus: Maisha Microfinance Bank product delivery processes, product purpose will be aimed at responding to customer needs.
  • Innovation: Maisha Microfinance Bank will build on the existing technological and industry product innovation to respond effectively to needs of its clients. All innovations will be aimed at increasing stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • Efficiency: Maisha Microfinance Bank will endeavor to provide its services to clients in the most efficient process. This includes turnaround time for a loan application and interest on savings payments.
  • Integrity: Maisha Microfinance Bank will uphold honesty and ensure transparency in all their business activities with its clients.

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