Jumpstart Your Savings
Whether it’s securing your child’s education, saving for your dream car, wedding, vacation or planning for retirement, the Maisha Akiba Account is ideal for you who wants to set aside money for a specific goal or purpose.
Benefits Include

Competitive Interest Rates
We believe in prosperity at Maisha Microfinance Bank and that is why we offer you great
interest rates on all our accounts and loan products.
Free Account Statement
Cash is King or can also be the downfall of your business if improperly managed. By reviewing and reconciling your quarterly account statements, as a business owner you  are able to make sound financial decisions about the growth of your business and identify particular areas that may be non-profitable.
Life Insurance Cover
In your life, you work hard to make sure you can provide for your family's needs and goal. Life insurance can help reduce the financial impact on your loved ones in the event of your death.When you plan for life’s uncertainties by having a life insurance policy, you provide your family the opportunity to help replace lost income, eliminate debt, pay for college, keep a business afloat, protect family wealth, or address other financial needs and goals while they adjust to a new life.

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