A Million A Month Account
A reward savings account that helps you to stand a chance of winning one million shillings by saving your hard-earned money. MAMA Account holders who make deposits are automatically entered into a draw to win prizes. To be eligible, account holders must have a minimum deposit of KSh.1,000.

Prizes to Be Won:
Grand prize: cash prize of Ksh. 1,000,000

How to Register
USSD – Weka Millioni Mfukoni! DIAL *834# Today
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What is MAMA Account?

MAMA is the first ever instant reward savings account powered by Maisha Microfinance Bank. It is aimed at promoting and encouraging people to have a savings culture.

Why is the name MAMA Account? Is it for women only?

The name MAMA stands for Million a Month Account and is eligible for all both men and women aged 18 and above.

How does one enroll or become a member?

Anyone with a phone and ID is able to enroll following simple steps.

  • Dial *834#
  • Follow the prompt to register as shown below

What are the benefits of saving with MAMA?

Anyone with savings retained within a 30-day period stands a chance to win exciting cash prizes as a reward for this discipline

  • Grand Prizes of Kshs 1M
How does one qualify to win the cash prizes?

Savers who follow the steps below will be automatically entered into the draw

  • Register for the MAMA account (see above)
  • Accumulate deposit of Kshs 1,000
  • Retain the savings for 30 days
  • Accumulate points by regular deposits to increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize of Kshs. 1M.
How often will the draw be done?

The MAMA Draw will be done on a daily and monthly basis.

Can somebody win the MAMA cash prizes more than once?
  • A client can win more than once on the daily prizes of Kshs 1000 each
  • A client cannot win more than one mini grand prize of Kshs 100,000
  • A client cannot win more than one grand prize of Kshs 1 Million within a three-month period.
What is the minimum amount that one can deposit to MAMA?

Any amount from Kshs 1 can be deposited into your MAMA account. However, to start earning points the minimum deposit is Kshs 100.

Do I have to be an existing Maisha Microfinance Bank account holder?

No. Anyone with a mobile money wallet can benefit from the MAMA account.

How does MAMA differ from my personal current account?

MAMA is a savings account whereby every deposit is automatically locked for at least 30 days.

The product was developed with the intention of instilling a savings culture and borrows from the principle that it takes 21-days to form a habit.

Can I withdraw my savings if I want?

Yes. One is able to withdraw their locked savings especially in case of an emergency; however, they lose the chance to participate in the draw for that month.

How do I deposit or withdraw from my MAMA account?
  • To deposit Money
    • Dial *834#
    • Select Deposit
    • Select Deposit from MPESA
  • To withdraw Money
    • Dial *834#
    • Select withdraw
    • Select withdraw to MPESA
How do I check my account balance?
  • Dial *834#
  • Select Check balance
  • Enter PIN
What are the service charges?
  •  Minimum charges apply as follows.
Withdrawal fees Kshs 50
Balance Enquiry Kshs 5
Mini statement enquiry Kshs 5

All charges attract a mandatory 20% Excise duty as per Government Regulations